- What Box do we recommend ?

 A-  If you need LiveTv Streaming - MAG25X is the best

 B-  If you need LiveTv other option - AVOV 

 C-  Android STB Box Emulation stalker programs with Android boxes have many glitches, buffing, freezing and speed connect issues, emulator's  ARE NOT TRUE IPTV unit therefore does not work             100% every time




- Lots of issues can be avoided by resetting modem and router together (switch off and after 2 min switch on again)

- STB box’sare just like computers they need to be factory reset from time to time as well tosolve lots of problems


1> BlankChannel list ( Android)

    In STBEmulator APP => Settings => Common Settings =>Network Setting=>Un-check " Enabled Network Cache"  


    Uninstalled STB Emulator and reinstalled it 
2> Video on Demand file not found or error ( Android)

    In STBEmulator APP => Settings=> Profile=> Media Player=>Setting=>Sellect IJK Player

    Reload profile
3> CommonSTB emulator pro setting  ( Android)

4> Buffering issues ( Android)

   In the main STB menu where yousee TV, VIDEO CLUB. YOUTUBE, RADIO..ETC 

   Settings=> Advanced Settings=>Change buffersize to 15=>OK=>Reboot. 



5> IPTV Freezing or sound issues 



6>  MAG25X "Time on the device is not synchronized" issue

     Go to No. 4 in the link below:



7>  Update System Software (MAG25X) 

     Goto No. 5 in the link below:



8>  IPTV Freezing or sound issues (MAG25X)




 9> CANCEL PAYPAL RECURRENT PAYMENTS ( Automatic Payments or Subscription Payments) 


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